Youth card – IYTC


IYTC – International Youth Travel Card

Under 31? You can save too! With an IYTC card, you’re part of the ISIC global community with around 5 million users. You can take advantage of thousands of benefits, services, discounts and savings that the ISIC student card offers. Don’t forget to carry your card around with you, the IYTC opens the door to thousands of discounts both at home and overseas!

Am I eligible?

Anyone 30 years old or younger can get an International Youth Travel (IYTC) card, giving you discounts on everything from plane tickets to cinema tickets.

What will I get from the IYTC card?

Get yourself an IYTC and you’ll save a whole lot on flights, accommodation, communications, museums, food, clothes, movies and more!

With the IYTC card, all these deals and more will be yours for the taking!

  • Get up to 20% off 2,500 restaurants / cafes / takeaways in Australia & NZ
  • Discounted rates at 500 attractions in Australia and NZ
  • Movie tickets from $11.50
  • Save 5% off groceries, fuel, liquor & more with Woolworths WISH gift cards
  • 5% off iTunes gift cards online
  • And many, many more!


  • 42,000 discounts in 125+ countries
  • Up to 40% off international airfares at STA Travel
  • 5% off STA Travel Insurance
  • Free ISIConnect travel sim card
  • Discounts at top attractions globally

What do I need to get an IYTC card?

The International Youth Travel Card is for people 30 years old or younger, therefore applicants must apply before their 31st birthday.

To get an International Youth Travel Card you need to present one of the following documents that identifies you and proves your age and also a passport sized photo:

  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • An official identity card issued by the official authorities


The price of an IYTC card is only RRP $30.00 AUD – nothing compared to the hundreds of dollars you will save!


The validity for an IYTC card is 12 months from the date of issue, even if you turn 31 during the validity of your card – you can still use it!

Please note, ISIC / IYTC / ITIC cards are non-refundable.

Get an IYTC now!